Thursday, January 4, 2007

Day 18

On Tuesday, I discovered that we have a full-service gas station (Mallek's) one block from our house. We got gas was great. Danny (I think) came out to our car as soon as we pulled up, we chatted with him as he filled the tank. I look forward to going to Mallek's throughout Feb. (and maybe beyond).

I think I covered "Hygiene and Beauty" pretty well the other day. Today, I'll tackle "Entertainment".

Things I currently use for entertainment:

1) Computer
2) iPod
3) Television
4) DVD/Video player
5) Digital camera
6) Car radio

Also, yesterday I babysat one of my best friend's son. He is in the midst of potty training...throughout the day I thought of all the wonderful technologies that make raising a child a little easier (maybe?)...pull-ups (although, as I found out, they will not function if put on backwards), sippy cups, even the car seat. Makes me grateful that I will be attempting this project before kids come into the picture.

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