Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day 27

A couple of days ago, I purchased this thing for poaching eggs in the microwave. I promptly tossed away the instructions with the packaging, thinking "How hard can this be?"....bad move. After poaching the egg for about 40 seconds, I heard some faint "popping". I removed the poaching contraption from the microwave - everything appeared normal. Then, about ten seconds later, the egg expoded. Literally, the egg exploded all over the kitchen; in my hair, on my clothes, on the cupboards and ceiling...EVERYWHERE! At the moment I wished that I had just threw the egg in some boiling water.

I had some friends over tonight, and one of them mentioned something I hadn't thought of...the garbage disposal. I have no idea about the timeline of this wonderful invention, but my best guess is that it wasn't commonly used in households prior to 1950. Need to do some research. Boy, I'll miss it if it has to go for February.

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