Monday, January 8, 2007

Day 22

This is a pic of the cleaning products I use. I discovered something yesterday - aerosol cans with the easy press down spray were not invented until the early/mid 1950s. Bye, Bye Pledge. I need to do some further investigation for furniture polish substitutes, as well has wood floor cleaners, leather cleaner, and window cleaners. I have discovered that I will be able to use ammonia, vinegar, Pine Sol, and Ajax.

Classes start tomorrow. At the end of last semester, a student said to me "I took this class because "Pick-a-Prof" said you gave out 80% As.". Pick-a-Prof? I had never heard of such a thing. Apparently, it's this internet site that pulls stats from the university and publishes information, such as what percentage of the classes received what grades. It also allows students to publish a review about the professor. This particular student said that the sole reason he took my class was because "Pick-a-Prof" said I gave a lot of As. Poor student....I've change my ways a lot since last semester. Internet information can sometimes be outdated.

Ironically, I have been obtaining a some wonderful items for my project from Ebay. Today I purchased a Better Homes and Garden "Household Inventory" List that was published in 1950. Can't wait to get it!

One more thing - a friend gave me a good idea...she said that she may be interested in doing the project herself for a day of two. I wonder how many other people have this interest? I think I will publish a short "how to" before Feb. 1st for those who may want to give it a go for a short duration...those who do try it, be prepared to get interviewed!

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Michelle D said...

I love this project!! There really is so much to think about. My parents grew up (started growing up) in the 50s and now I'm thinking of what they didn't/did have.. I've been coaching high school kids and the technology shift is amazing - emails are practically obsolete for them.. all cell phones and texting. Then I start thinking back to my grandparents and their 75 to 88 years of life and all the changes they saw. I just wonder how much do you remember when you're looking back -i.e. what if you chose 1980 or 1940 instead? You've got enough to think about with 1950 ;) When does the facination of gasoline power cars wear off for someone who was around when they weren't in every driveway? I'm excited to keep an eye on you with this.. Come visit - they had planes back then..