Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 37

Sorry it has been a few days since I've posted anything...the final week countdown has started. I spent yesterday browsing through antique shops and came across a few good finds....these 1940's magazines - a couple Lifes (1949), a Woman's Home Companion (1945), and a Ladies Home Journal (1946). The most helpful resource in all of these is the advertisements. Did food really look that gross? Or was it just the film? There is this one ad for Byrd's Eye Frozen Peas which includes a recipe for "Pea and Chicken French Toast"...seriously, my stomach turned. But I am going to try a few things in the spirit of the project. I'm considering having a small "last night" party at the end where I only cook things from recipes from my 1949 cookbook or recipes from these magazines. I'll play records.

I also found this ad thing (small booklet pictured far right) on it is 1949. It is for a freezer and gives instructions on how to freeze things properly. So, there may be hope in terms of me being able to use a freezer. I haven't decided yet.

Alex is trying to hook up the rotary phone right now. We got the record player working this a trip to the Salvation Army for a few additional 79 cent records...I only have a collection of classical records, and it would be nice to find some time period appropriate songs. A few small fixes to the typewriter and a cheap wind-up alarm clock, and I'm ready to go...maybe...I'm getting a little scared.

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Anonymous said...

From Deborah,

I loved Life Magazine (and also the Saturday Evening Post). The pictures in Life were so interesting and were something to talk about all the next week.

I guess there were freezers by 1950, but I don't think I knew anyone who had one.

And the file used back then (or the printing process) was not as good as it is now which is probably why the food looks so bad.