Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day 29

So this is a rotary dial phone...my parents have generously loaned it to me for the duration of the project. I thought it would be simple - get the phone, plug it in the jack...oh how naive I am! No, no I must disect a bunch of wiring and find this special module that will convert rotary to touch tone (about $30). I gotta do it though...the phone is so cool. I love the sound it makes as the dial spins and the forced "downtime" between dialing each number.


Valerie (your cousin) said...

i have a red rotary dial phone like that from my grandparents (not the walls). and also a pink and black one (an old friend of mine combined a black phone with a pink phone to make it). i too really like the satisfying sound they make as you dial. :)

Pete said...

I only use rotary phones at home and I do not own a cell phone. Nor do I have an ATM card. I have 1 phone that is tone/pulse switchable to access menus etc. I applaud your experiment and hope that others will not be slaves to technology. Best wishes Christina. Pete Muskegon, MI.