Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 32

Sorry about the delay in Feb. 1st nears, I find myself scambling to acquire all the needed research. I did pick up these two items while at the store the other day. Through my research, I've concluded that liquid soap and cleaners are primarily a post 1950s invention.

So here's a good story - yesterday, at emu, I was walking to the elevator to go up to the second floor to get the key for my classroom. I was walking at what I considered a normal pace. I heard someone rushing up behind me, but continued my normal pace. Just as I reached out to press the elevator button, this lady who's eyes were literally bugging out of her head because she was so frazzled, pushed me out of the way with her shoulder and pressed the button. In response to my horrified look, she said a stressed tone, "I'm in a rush!", and, of course, I couldn't just let this go...I said, "You must really be in a rush to be so rude to a complete stranger.". She gave me the look of death and said "I teach and my class is waiting!". I ended it with "Ohhh, you TEACH. Okay, I apologize. I didn't realize that teaching gives you the right to be so rude." Another look of dealth, but no more words.

The situation did leave an impression. I never want to be that lady. I never want to be in such a hurry that I am that rude to anybody. I think that just by going through the process of thinking about this project and slowing things down a bit, I have become hypersensative to those around me who are in such a rush. It will be interesting to see how I feel about this during the month of February.


Tomasina said...

We are enjoying this immensly and I have put the word out to friends & family. About the cleaning products Martha Stewarts new book called Homekeeping Handbood (gotta love the title)references repeatedly a book called Mrs. Beetons book of Household Managment orginaly published in 1861 the book Stewart references mentions 1961 as on of the edition dates, however there may have been a pre 1950's edition. I also have a friend who majored in Child and Family studies who is very interested in this project from a family and consumer sciences standpoint. For research you might try going to college campus and checking on the Human Ecology /consumer science libaries and see what lurks there. 2 other titles, I found in Stewarts book were an Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy and The Concise Household Encyclopedia. Check out a cleaner called Mrs. Meyer's I don't know the era, but it sounds retro. Did you find out how long Murphy's oil soap has been around? I love that stuff.I love cleaning supplies in general all that potential. I love them more then I use them sadly. Oh the The Vermont Country Catalogue has a ton of retro items that seems to recall 194-1960's era products. Loving your posts/ projects!

Anonymous said...

From Deborah,

I just now figured out how to comment on your blog so previously sent a couple of emails to your email address. You have hit on a great project and I have sent your URL to several friends. It will really be hard to live without day to day entries during February.

Anonymous said...

What's amazing to me is that she pushed you out of the way from doing exactly what she wanted done anyway. Her pushing the button herself isn't going to summon the elevator any faster than you pushing it.

Good for you for speaking up. Great blog, by the way.