Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 1

This blog is part of a larger research project. Starting Feb. 1st, I will be removing all technologies that were created after 1950 out of my life...cell phone, microwave, iPod, email, computer...after only doing minimal research, I realize that the list is somewhat endless. December and January will be months of research and documentation. I will use this blog to describe my days, recognize what technologies I use on a daily basis, and attempt to get in touch with how these technologies impact my life. I am documenting this part of the process using a blog so that friends and family will be able to post comments and help point out things that I may not recognize as "post 1950s" technology. After the research is complete and my environment is revamped as much as possible to reflect only pre-1950 technology, I will document the process of adapting, embracing, and rejecting these retro technologies using a video camera. I will also be interviewing people in my life who will be directly impacted by my technology boycott. Hopefully, this blog will be a medium that allows this project to unfold to its fullest potential.

Day 1:
Woke up to digital alarm's nice. The alarm starts very soft; barely there. Then, very gently, the volume increases...a nice ease into the day. There is also an option to wake up to a favorite CD, but I'm not sure how that works.

Shower, blew dry hair, brushed teeth. Hopped in the car. Drove to work while listening to "24 hours of Christmas music" on 100.3 FM. Stopped at Tim Horton's for a Diet Coke and bagel (breakfast of champions)...paid with credit card. Worked at USA Jet from 7AM-1PM...when not launching planes, I caught up on a few emails.

Came home, took a nap while watching an episode of "Friends" off the TiVo. Took a walk in the neighborhood with my neighbor...then Kharma for a walk. Talked to a couple of friends on my cell...interesting, considering I was at home, on my couch, and 2 feet from my home phone. Microwaved a pre-made burrito. Decided I needed some black slippers for the Christmas gathering at Aunt Barbs tomorrow, so went to Kohl's, found some, and paid with credit card. Picked up some marinated mozzarella to bring as an appetizer. Came home, finished Christmas cards (hand-written). Now I'm typing this blog.

Red Flags for the Day: Credit Card, Diet Coke, Email, Computer, Pre-made Food, FM radio, Digital Alarm Clock

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