Friday, December 29, 2006

Day 13

Here's a picture of our medicine cabinet...lots of no-nos for Feb.. One thing, though, that I hadn't thought about yet was contacts...I highly doubt contacts were being used on a daily basis before 1950. Oh well, I'm sure my eyes will appreciate the rest.

I've realized that I need to actually start my, I just have this growing list of things I think will be out of the picture...but very few facts to back me up. And, of course, I will have to get all my Internet research out of the way in January. Come Feb., trips to the library, working with a librarian (as all card catalogs are online these days).

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Angela Atherton said...

On medicine --

Penicillin (but not amoxicillin?)
Pepto Bismol (pre 1920s)
Alka Seltzer (1930s)
Tums (1920s)

Acetaminophin (1955)
Ibuprofen (as prescription from 1960s, OTC in 1980s)