Saturday, December 30, 2006

Day 14

So I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all things that come up...I've decided to work in categories:

1) Hygiene, Health, and Beauty
2) Kitchen Tools and Cooking
3) Food
4) Entertainment
5) Communication
6) Transportation
7) Cleaning

I'm sure I'll be adding to these categories throughout the, I will tackle 1) are the things I need to investigate so far (Mainly Hygiene and Beauty...Health was kind of addressed yesterday with the medicine cabinet investigation):

1) Toothpaste and Toothbrush
2) Face soap and lotion
3) Body soap and lotion
4) Razors
5) Tweezers
6) Hair dryer
7) Floss
8) Contacts and Saline Solution
9) Deodorant
10) Make-up
11) Hair Dye (see picture)
12) Hair products (gel, spray, etc.)
13) Mouthwash
14) Shampoo and conditioner

Another thing I thought of today is that I am going to start documenting some more details (starting tomorrow)...I am going to document how much time I spend on the computer and cell get an idea of how much "extra" time I will have in Feb.. I am also going to document what I eat/ get a more realistic view of how my diet is going to have to change.

Here's a fun utilizing the amazing technology of at-home hair dye!

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