Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day 10

Happy Belated Merry Christmas!

I was so wrapped up in festive activities that I forgot to post yesterday! And today's my birthday! It's been a nice couple of days...

Skype is an amazing technology. Alex and I celebrated our Christmas together even though he was in Bahrain, and I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Through the use of our webcams, I was able to show him the presents and cards we had received, let him see our Christmas tree in the background, and have Kharma (our dog) blow him a kiss. Sure beats using just the conventional phone.

Here is an article I found about something very similar to Skype...an invention which would allow elderly people who are alone to "share" meals with loved ones - very interesting!


The day also involved nice meals with friends, a walk in the woods, reading "The Gift of the Magi"...all enjoyable and all things that could have been done pre-1950s! There's hope!

I didn't exercise at the YMCA again today...I need to get back on track with that...I thought about exercise equipment technology today and realize that this is yet another area for research. Were there treadmills? Weight machines? Saunas? Or will my exercise routine for the month of Feb. only involve a pair of tennis shoes and Ann Arbor streets and parks?

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