Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day 12

Night before last, I woke up with a terrible stomach know, the kind where you lay there and talk yourself out of throwing-up? I finally got the courage to get up and go to the medicine cabinet in search of some relief. As I opened the cabinet door and scanned my home pharmacy, I came to a sobering realization...bye, bye Tums, adios Motrin, ciao Flex-All for the month of February. I'll have to do some additional research, but I believe that in February my home pharmacy will consist of asprin and MAYBE pepto. Anyway, that night, I took a Tums or two and fell back asleep...grateful for the advances in over-the-counter medicine.

Yesterday morning, as I completed my morning ritual of getting on the bathroom scale, another thought came to mind...bathroom scales are probably out for Feb.. This could be one of the things that sticks after the project is complete.

I'm going to start to add some photos to this blog over the next few weeks - here's the first - a picture of Alex and I using Skype. In this photo, he is in Bahrain - 6900 miles away.


Wild Blue said...

Wow! That picture looks great - really shows off what Skype is like - you can see my picture, the webcam and your smiling face.

The project will be a change for a lot of your friends too. No emailing you with a quick note. No talking to you in the car (your car). I wonder if you'll grow closer to friends because you'll have to set aside time at home to talk to them. Also, without a cordless phone you won't be able to wander around while talking - you'll have to stay on the couch or chair.

As always - interesting!

Judith Kissinger said...

Hi. I just heard from your Aunt Deborah about your blog. I remember that my doctor who made house calls in those days came to see me when I had the flu. He told my mother to get some Verner's Gingerale. I don't know if it is still true but he said that Verner's was made with real ginger which should help an upset stomach. It did and for years after, I used Verner's whenever my stomach was bothering me.