Sunday, December 17, 2006

Day 2

So, after I finished yesterday's blog, I started craving popcorn...hauled out the air popper, made some, melted a little butter in the microwave, and went about my business. I started thinking about what this process will be like for the month of February...heating oil in a pan, watching the popcorn like a hawk due to high risk of burning, and melting the butter on the stove. I realize how drastically my eating habits will be impacted by this project, and I look forward to seeing if my eating habits improve as a result if being forced to eat and prepare "slow food".

Day 2:
Again, Timmy Horton's for some Diet Coke and bagel on the way to USA Jet. I'm actually typing this blog while having a little down time at work...this is what I do when planes aren't flying - I surf the internet and catch up on emails. Come Feb. 1st, I will still have to use the computer for job functions, but I will not be using it during down times. What will I do? Sometimes there is a lot of down time...perhaps read a book? A paperback one that I can actually hold and feel the pages? Or maybe I will stop and got a paper on the way to work since Timmy H's will no longer be an option.

After work, I'm heading to my Aunt's for a Christmas get together. I brought the iPOD with our handy dandy iTrip which allows me to play my iPOD over a FM's a bit of a drive to my Aunts.

While at this get together, I am going to keep my eye out for other thing I know is that my Aunt has this fondue pot that she puts out every year. I love cheese and bread pieces. Will I have to pass on the fondue in February? Something to look up...I'm not sure when it was invented, but I venture to say post-1950.

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