Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day 7 - A little more

As I was out doing last minute Christmas shopping (I know, I'm crazy), I noticed a very lonely Salvation Army lady ringing her little bell and looking longingly at those passing by. I wanted to contribute, cash! I never carry cash. I assume that many of the others who pretended that they did not hear that familiar bell also never carry cash. I wonder how the salvation army is fairing in this credit card world. And also how are those who are homeless impacted by this credit card world? I never have cash/change to give to the homeless. These may be good interviews during the process.

Also, as I was in the check-out line, I noticed a copy of the TV Guide...I will have to purchase this in Feb. if I wanted to figure out what to watch on ABC and NBC (I'll also need to research which television networks were around back then) more using the "menu" option on the TV...I love the "menu" option.

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Wild Blue said...

I wonder if by not using the Tivo, you'll want to buy more stuff - you know, more commercials and all that. I feel guilty passing the Salvation Army people without any change, but if I don't have any, I don't have any. Maybe they are hoping people will drop dollar bills instead.

Hm. Maybe I should do that next year.